What happened to these great Clubs?

Burwood United Junior Rugby League Football Club

Concord United Junior Rugby League Football Club

They Live & Grow As...

Concord Burwood United
Junior Rugby League Football Club Inc .


Our Club Concord Burwood United "Wolves" is a relatively new entity, which came about from a merger (in 2001) of two great clubs,

Burwood United & Concord United.

Originally founded in the 1940s & 1950s, both Clubs have a long & proud history; between them they have produced many first grade & representative players but more importantly have provided hundred’s of children & young adults with a place to play this great game.

Traditionally fierce on field rivals Concord & Burwood have taken the best of both clubs to build a strong partnership based on mutual respect for our history & tradition

Our club has grown each year since the merger, leading the revival in Junior Rugby League in the Balmain district. In 2006 our Club became the largest club competing in Balmain competition.

Many past players from both clubs have grown up and started families of their own. Each year we see more & more past players bringing their children to play for their old Club. Although the mascots may have changed to the “WOLF” the Club will always bare the Traditional names


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